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Breakthrough in new rural building and urban development of Dien Ban Town.
Author: Ngoc Tuan .Posted date: 08/08/2018 .Views: 701 lượt. [Print]
By 2010, Dien Ban has basically become an industrial district. The target set by the Resolution of the XXIth District Party Congress is to build Dien Ban District into a town by 2015, in association with building new rural. This is the mission and responsibility which the Party, the government and the people of Dien Ban have been concentrating on implementing for many years to create an important foundation for Dien Ban to become a comprehensive development town.

Breakthrough in building new rural.

Promoting the heroic traditions of the homeland, the Party Committee, the Government, The Front of Dien Ban Town have upheld the spirit of solidarity, promoting the strength and consensus of the people as "key" to implement the national target program on building new rural. With political determination, strong spirit and synchronous implementation of many solutions, by the end of 2015, the whole town has 10 communes / 13 communes recognized by the People's Committee of Quang Nam to meet new rural standards, reaching the rate of 76, 9% of the communes met new rural standards in the area . Based on the number of communes meeting the new rural standards, the province has surveyed and submitted to the Central Appraisal Council to consider requesting the Prime Minister to recognize Dien Ban provincial town meeting the new rural standard in 2015 in Decision No. 494/QD-TTg dated 29/03/2016.

In order to maintain and improve the quality of new rural criterias, the town has focused on building a new model rural residential area in 13 communes in order to gradually create civilized residential areas which keep the soul of the country, the identity of land and people of Dien Ban. The first 13 residential areas have been selected for implementation since early 2017. By the end of 2017, the town has recognized 10/13 residential areas meeting the standard "model new rural residential area". The face of the village built "model new rural residential model" has many flourishes and changes in a positive direction. Rural appearance in most residential areas selected for pilot implementation has been more prosperous, the material and spiritual life of people increasingly upgraded. The essential infrastructure is gradually improving, the field of culture, education, health and the environment has made positive changes ... These achievements will create a solid foundation contributing to maintain and enhance the quality of new rural criterias in the town.

To have above results, the town has launched a movement of all people to build new rural areas; One of the priorities in guiding the construction of new rural areas is to focus on production development and income generation for the people. In particular, the town concentrates on building essential infrastructure in agriculture and rural areas, which is considered as the lifeblood of socio-economic development. The town has concentrated on uniformly implementing infrastructure criteria in new rural construction. All aspects of education, health, culture, social security, environmental protection have taken care. The social welfare policies for the poor, organize job counseling and job creation for rural people have effectively implemented. The grassroots political system has been strengthened, cadre work has been given proper attention, gradually being rejuvenated and standardized. The great solidarity strength of the Fatherland Front, mass organizations and armed forces have made full use of aggregate strength.

Urban development

The Resolution of the 21st Party Congress of the district (the town now) set the target to end the term (2015) to build Dien Ban district into a town; With different sources of capital, the district has focused on promoting socio-economic infrastructure; Many important works to create prominence in urban development have been built in the area, creating the foundation of the infrastructure is quite good. Traffic network has been synchronously invested such as expansion of National Highway 1A from the junction of Dien An road to Vinh Dien, DH 9 road connecting Vinh Dien with DT 607, extension of DT 607 from Dien Ngoc to Thuong Tin intersection, DH8 road from National Road 1A connects to DT 607, DT 609 from Vinh Dien to Ai Nghia, DT 605 from Dien Hong to Da Nang, Quang Ngai expressway ... The administrative center of the town with extended Hoang Dieu street combined with the central square, town museum and headquarter of the Town People's Committee were newly built to create the central point of the city; The residential areas in Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc new urban area, residential areas in Dien Duong ward, residential areas in Vinh Dien ward, Dien An are invested harmoniously in a green space in association with cultural, sports and other services establishments to meet the basic needs of people in urban areas .... Project of building market street centres, building infrastructure of Ha My Beach, Viem Dong and other coastal tourism projects have promoted tourism, service development.

At the 6th session of the People's Council (the town now), the district People's Council approved the Dien Ban Urban Development Program for the period 2012-2015 and 2016-2020 with the following objectives: "mobilizing, integrating and efficiently using the urban infrastructure development investment capitalaccording to  the economic structure of the industry, trade, service and agriculture together with the establishment of urban-level management regulations. Type IV and town authorities by 2015; continue to invest urban power in the economic structure to increase the proportion of trade in services in the period 2016-2020 so that by 2020 the criteria of urban grade IV achieve maximum and sustainable marks. On 07/02/2013, the People's Committee of Quang Nam province issued Decision No. 518/QĐ-UBND approving the master plan of Dien Ban urban area.

With the efforts of the Party, Government and the high consensus of the people of Dien Ban Town, on March 10, 2014, the Ministry of Construction promulgated Decision No. 222/QĐ-BXD to recognize Dien Ban reaching Level 4 standard. This is an important basis for March 11, 2015, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly promulgated Resolution No. 889/NQ-UBTVQH13 on the recognition of Dien Ban District into a town and the establishment of 07 wards in Dien Ban town; It can be said that the urban area of Dien Ban was recognized as urban grade IV and Dien Ban became a town with the general development of the area creating opportunities and favorable conditions for Dien Ban to develop strong urbanlizination.

Building a town with development, young and dynamic.

The achieved results have created an important foundation for further strengthening the propaganda work in order to further enhance people's sense of self-control. Campaign "All people unite to build new rural and urban civilization" launched by the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee has been deepened. Promote the emulation movement "Together to build new rural area" in accordance with the Decision No. 3947/QD-UBND dated 08/11/2016 of the provincial People's Committee to promote practical development in each area of the population contributing to improving the quality of building criteria and keeping new rural standards in the whole town; Strive to build three communes of Dien Quang, Dien Trung and Dien Phong reaching the model new rural commune of the period of 2018-2020.

In the next time, to bring into play the potential and advantages of a young town, Dien Ban continues to increase mobilization and use of resources for investment in the development of synchronous infrastructure and  civilized urban construction, advanced countryside; On the basis of building internal resources, it is mainly long-term, the external resources are important and break-through, it is both development and perfecting; focus on attracting strategic investors; Implementing projects in the form of public-private partnerships for important projects and motive power projects approved.

Concentrating resources on synchronously and firmly implementing the urban development program in line with the urban development program of Quang Nam province in the period of 2020 with a vision toward 2030. Jointing the urban development program in the locality with the plan for socio-economic development. Continuing investing in expanding urban areas, upgrading 5 communes of Dien Thang Bac, Dien Trung, Dien Nam, Dien Nam and Dien Phuong to become wards, raising the total number of administrative units in Dien Ban provincial town to 12 wards and 8 communes; Accelerating the urbanization, construction and development of synchronous infrastructure in the direction of modernization, striving to meet criterias of urban grade 3 by 2022.

Dien Ban is facing new opportunities and chances for development, but it is in the face of many difficulties and challenges to the requirements of innovation and development. Promoting the tradition of the heroic homeland, the Party, the authorities and the people of Dien Ban town continued to work together, be united, promoted the spirit of solidarity, democracy, innovation and progress. To raise the capacity and strength of the Party, promote the strength of the political system, the consensus of all classes and social forces to build Dien Ban town to develop strongly, comprehensively and firmly.

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