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Dien Ban - Breakthrough in the construction of education and training facilities meeting renovationial requirements
Author: Ngoc Duc .Posted date: 06/06/2018 .Views: 575 lượt. [Print]
Dien Ban, which is the gateway to the south of Da Nang city, is located in the north of Quang Nam, on the "heritage road" connecting Hoi An ancient town and My Son sanctuary. Dien Ban is a countryside rich in patriotic traditions, revolutionary and traditional fondness for learning.

In the resistance war against America, Dien Ban was the most sacrificed place of loss in Quang Nam. Therefore, in the early days, after the war ended, Dien Ban was a deserted area full of bombs, barbed wires and bomb craters. The infrastructure for survering education and training was very poor. At that time, Dien Ban had only one secondary school and two secondary schools. Meanwhile, the needs of children's education was extremely great, so, how to do for children going to School wasn't a small challenge.

However, from the right understanding of the important role of education in the development process of the country in general and the localities in particular, the Party and local people have deployed many solutions to promote Overcoming the difficulties, focus on building material facilities to meet the requirements of educational development. Therefore, in January 1997 - after 22 years of unification, Dien Ban (still in the former province of Quang Nam - Da Nang) established a network of schools from pre-primary to high school systematically and rationally. 53 units distributed uniformly throughout the 16 communes and towns meeting the learning needs of over 40,000 students.

Phan Triêm Kindergarten, Dien Quang Commune, Dien Ban Town

However, material facilities have degraded seriously. This requires that Party, Government and the education and training sector set up tasks, issues which need to be dealt with severely in the early days of the province establishment. Quang Nam - Da Nang. Before that situation, the town has proposed the policy "Clear all temporary classrooms, building new classrooms solidly; Separation of schools with more than 30 classes and separation of secondary schools from secondary hight schools. That right policy not only timely resolved the immediate requirements but also created long-term stability, welcome the policy renewal of education and training of the Party and the State in the future. The scale of the school network in the district was constantly expanding, diversified and reasonable, suitable with geographical, socio-economic conditions. At the same time, it aims to improve the types of schools and classes at the request of education reform in the early 21st century, addressing the learning needs of more than 50,000 children of preschoolers and high school students, cadres and people.

Particularly from 2010, coming from the renovation requirements of education and training and aims to become a town completing the task of building new rural areas by 2015; Dien Ban town People's Committee promulgated the project "Development of Dien Ban Education and Training to 2015 and vision to 2020" with the task of unifying the network of schools and classrooms in the locality up to 2020. Concentrating resources to invest in building facilities and teaching aids, to ensure reasonable development of the network of classrooms in the direction of standardization and modernization; Socialization associated with the process of urban development and construction of new rural areas in the town. With the dynamism, creativity and determination of the whole political system, after 5 years of implementation, Dien Ban has accomplished the objectives and tasks of educational development. The school network has strongly developed, especially the Preschool educational institutions have properly planned to solve urgent demands in the development of education and training in the locality, better meeting the needs of learning of local children. Up to now, Dien Ban has the number of public schools up to the national standard of 100%, at the top of Quang Nam; of which 11 preschools, 23 high schools reaching national at level 2 (leading the whole province).

Tran Hung Dao Primary School, Dien Ban Town.

Preliminary summing up the 2 year implementation of Decision No. 769 / QD-UBND dated 02/02/2016 on supplementing the objectives, tasks and solutions to continue the implementation of the project on development of education and training of Dien Ban Town in the period of 2016-2020, investment in school facilities exceeds 2 years compared to investment schedule set by the plan. Specifically: Total investment cost is 115,389,000,000 VND, of which: Provincial budget: 26,710,000,000 VND; Town budget: VND 59,082,000,000; Commune and ward budgets: VND 9.118 billion; Mobilized capital: VND 20,074,000,000.

In the next five years, Dien Ban will focus on socio-economic development along with strengthening the administrative apparatus in order to strive to become a perfect town and develop in 2020. Striving to achieve, maintain and Improving the quality of the new rural criteria is one of the most important tasks in which the improvement of infrastructure and equipment for education and training is one of the key tasks. Facing the situation of production and business activities of factories and enterprises which are expanding in scale, especially in the wards in the east, Dien Ban has a tendency to develop strongly, attracting a large number of people from The population in this area will increase rapidly, so the demand for education, especially  the age group preschool and high school will increase rapidly. Therefore, to complete the objectives and tasks of education development to 2020, Dien Ban will continue to focus on planning and stabilizing the network of schools and classrooms, closely associated with the construction of national standardized material facilities for schools in the urban development area; improve the national standard for 100% of schools in the communes to build new rural areas; ensuring the development of a synchronous and sustainable educational infrastructure.

Strongly and synchronously renovate of basic elements of education and training; Create new changes in the conditions and opportunities for studying students  in the town. Thereby, improving the quality of local human resources has contributed to the successful completion of the goal of building new rural areas and developing urban areas to complete and develop Dien Ban town in 2020.

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