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55 years of Dien Ban - Hoang Hoa, Unshakeable friendship, steadial future.
Author: Tran Van Thu .Posted date: 22/02/2018 .Views: 496 lượt. [Print]
In us, many people have once heard the song "Loi ca dang Bac" of musician Trong Loan "Ai yêu Miền Nam như tấm lòng Miền Bắc, có mối tình nào mà thủy chung mà son sắt như tấm lòng Miền Bắc hướng về Miền Nam. Bao núi bao sông bấy nghĩa bấy tình… ", the lyrics evoke the historical lessons of North - South love. In years of war against the US,our country has many love North - South love. Hoang Hoa - Điện Ban is such love, so today, in this peaceful time, we sit together to celebrate memories with emotion and pride ...

   Fifty-five years ago, in the fierce period of the anti-American resistance war,Implementing follow principle of Party Central Committee's policy of continuing to promote solidarity and great national unity movement and calling for the support of Sounthern people in the struggle against American imperialism, March 12, 1960, Thanh Hoa province was twinned with Quang Nam province. Then, on July 20, 1963, Hoang Hoa district was twinned with Dien Ban district. This is a deeply political event that has created great spiritual and material values, encouraging the Party and people in the two districts to carry out the strategic tasks of the revolution to the day of victory.


     Remembering the years of fighting against the Americans to save the country, with the motto "All for the South", the Party, government and people of Hoang Hoa was along side and shared difficult and hardship with the Party, government and the military, and the people of Dien Ban. There were tens of thousands of Hoang Hoa's poeple enthusiastically on the way to the South, into Dien Ban and directly fighted against the United States without fear of sacrificing, hardships with the ideal "xẻ dọc Trường Sơn đi cứu nước mà lòng phơi phới dậy tương lai". In Dien Ban in the years from 1968 to 1975, there were hundreds of soldiers of the Lam Son Special Forces Battalion, of the Lam Son Infantry Regiment, committed joint war with the troops and people Dien Ban setting up the glorious feat. The battles of the Lam Son Special Forces Battalion were enshrined in the Dien Ban golden history pages in Go Noi, Cam Lon, Go Mun, Ngu Giap ... In each battle, during the battlefield preparations, many of Hoang Hoa's people died or left a part of their body in the land of Quang Nam - Dien Ban, devoting their lives to the country. Poet Lưu Trùng Dương wrote:

          "Từ, những trận đầu "ba mũi giáp công" đến Mậu Thân, Kỷ Dậu...đất chuyển trời rung. Rồi ào ào trúc chẻ ngói tan, thế trận lòng dân nên mùa Xuân đại thắng!

          Sao kể xiết bao máu tràn lệ đẫm!

          Máu Quảng Đà- Thanh Hóa,

          Máu miền Bắc, miền Nam,

          Máu của đồng bào, đồng chí

          Trong mỗi bước đường, tấc đất Quảng Nam"

          More ever, in order to help the South and Dien Bànand to promote the spirit of grandchildren of Mrs. Trưng, Mrs. Trieu, Hoang Hoa army and people have created such glorious feats as the merits of the old soldiers in Hoang Truong commune shotting down two aircraft "thunder god", "ghost", "sky enemy" of the US Air Force; The victory of 75 Yen Van contributed to the historical victory Nam Ngan - Ham Rong.

          Hoang Hoa people were trying to emulate the spirit of creative labor on the fields, farms, contributting tens of ten thousands tons of food and food for the revolution of the South with the spirit "All for of South Vietnam and Dien Ban. From these movements, many transplanting teams, trees, irrigation works, schools, highland fields named Dien Ban and Nguyen Van Troi.

          Responding to the love of Hoang Hoa, Dien Ban army and Dien Ban people persistently clung to the fire line, overcome the hardships of sacrifice, brave leader in the fight against American invaders with the spirit of "không có gì quý hơn độc lập tự do",“đánh cho Mỹ cút, đánh cho ngụy nhào” Uncle Ho's expectations.

          In Dien Ban, there were many movements of "Tìm Mỹ mà đánh, tìm ngụy mà diệt", Dien Ban people fighted bravely on “Vành đai du kích diệt Mỹ”, “Noi gương anh Trỗi hăng hái tòng quân giết giặc”, “Thanh niên 5 xung phong, 3 sẳn sàng”, “Phụ nữ 4 đảm đang”, people clung to the land, clung to the village, hide, nurture, cover officers and soldiers on duty (including Officials and soldiers of Hoang Hoa), with the spirit of “một tấc không đi, một ly không rời” setting up glorious feats, being worthy of the noble title: "quê hương trung dũng kiên cường đi đầu diệt Mỹ".


  There are the strength, encouragement, great support of the compatriots, soldiers of the northern heroic, soldiers of Hoang Hoa soldiers, Thanh Hoa in each victory of the army and people of Dien Ban . This is an important motivation for the Party Committee, Army and people of Hoang Hoa district and Dien Ban district in the resistance to win many glorious victories, contributing together with troops and people throughout the country to the resistance war against US imperialism invasion in order to bring victory.

          After the unification of the country, Hoang Hoa - Dien Ban love has become stronger, deeper. In the context of Quang Nam in general, Dien Ban in particular suffered many traumatic losses in the war. All villages, all communes were destroyed by enemies. All familys loss or sacrifice their members. After the war Dien Ban met difficulties, especially the lack of qualified staff to perform the tasks of economic, social and cultural development.

          Hoang Hoa sent many cadres to help Dien Ban in fields such as health, agriculture, education ... With the help and support of the Central, Provincial and Hoang Hoa, Dien Ban quickly overcame many difficulties to overcome the consequences of the war, focussed on promoting socio-economic development, strengthened the QPAN ... soon bring Dien Ban from the argiculture district to industrial district in 2010 and the National Assembly Standing Committee (Session XIII) issued a resolution recognizing Dien Ban Town and seven ward in 2015. In that year, the Government issued a decision recognizing Dien Ban town meeting the standard of new rural town.

          In commemorating the historical events of each locality, Viet Nam's War Invalids and Martyrs Day (July 27) or after natural calamities, floods, leaders of the Party, authorities, the Front and socio-political organizations of 2 districts have organized many visits, encouragement and support for families facing difficulties and losses in natural disasters. Hoang Hoa - Dien Ban often exchanges lessons learned in leadership, management, construction, socio-economic development, security and national defense. Sharing joy with achievements, it can be said that:  "Hoằng Hóa khó khăn Điện Bàn có mặt và Điện Bàn khó khăn Hoàng Hóa chung tay".

          More than half a century has passed, whether in the fire of war or in the busy things of the road to build the country, today, the love of Hoang Hoa-Dien Ban as writer Nguyen Tu Tinh: "magical choice" that is always preserved and developed by the generations of leaders and people of two localities. It is priceless assets, spiritual assets of generations and people of two localitie.  The loyalty of Dien Ban - Hoang Hoa will remain forever, is the foundation for a sustainable future. I borrowed two lines of verse in the"Hoang Hoa - Dien Ban - tình sâu nghĩa nặng" of Luu Tran Nhue - Former Provincial Committee Member, District Party Secretary Hoang Hoa instead of the end sentence:

          “Hoằng Hóa- Điện Bàn nghĩa nặng tình sâu.

                 Thủy chung son sắt dài lâu muôn đời!”

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