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Concentrating resources on building Dien Ban town (Part 2)
Author: Trần Úc .Posted date: 22/02/2018 .Views: 691 lượt. [Print]
Secondly, improving the investment environment to attract enterprises and seeking more measures to increase budget revenues, mobilizing social resources to build infrastructure. Administrative procedures for businesses are basically handled by provincial agencies. In Dien Ban, in order to attract investment, it is necessary to provide sufficient socio-economic information to facilitate the access of enterprises to research projects; making suggestions in planning and investment, quick resolution of land acquisition and land allocation procedures, implementation of site clearance as committed progress; supporting in tax payment, ensuring security and investment friendly business environment...

Strengthening revenue first of all creates conditions for forming businesses and doing business and developing new revenue in the town. Concentrating the collection of VAT, business income tax for real estate projects in urban areas and coastal projects; collecting taxes and charges for mineral resources in association with the planning on yards and yards; collection of capital construction, collection of tax arrears; collecting taxation in the transport sector are revenues have not been paid enough attention.

Land use fees remain an important investment source of funding under the fiscal and financial operating mechanism of Quang Nam. It is necessary to accurately and fully calculate the turnover and investment expenses in order to determine the real value of payable urban and residential development projects and land exploitation projects in order to create investment resources for the construction of infrastructure structures and creating equality among enterprises in the town.

      Thirdly, Dien Ban is an important economic area in the northern part of Quang Nam province, Dien Ban is the intersection between Da Nang and Hoi An. Over time, the process of urbanization and development of trade services fast or slow depend very much on the delivery of clean land to investors. Therefore, focusing on site clearance is an important task of the entire political system and the basic measure in attracting investment in socio-economic development.

Continuing to consolidate the organizational structure of the Center for Land Development and Center for Town Clearance (after being handed over by the province); to consolidate the Council for certification of land origin at the commune / ward level; discuss  with the nterprise the resettlement plan before approving the site clearance plan. Cadres, party members and people need be fully aware of mentality of Directive 03 of Quang Nam Provincial Party Committee and Directive 06 of Dien Ban Party Committee on stepping up the site clearance. The work of inventory, identification of land origin, planning, organization of payment must ensure transparency, transparency and principle. Officials and Party members must take the lead role in site clearance and resettlement for the people to follow.

Developing Viet project on coastal greenery and continuing to implement Dien Duong urban residential area (phase 3) to resettle displaced households from tourism projects and coastal green corridors sea.

Fourthly, the strong administrative reform associated withstrengthening the organization and staff streamlining in the spirit of the Central Resolution 6 to improve the effectiveness of the operation of state management agencies.

First needs to consolidate some relevant agencies to receive and manage the development of urban centers and houses after the dissolution of the Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc new urban development management board in order to control the development of the city in the direction of green and sustainable development.

At the beginning of 2018, the public administrative center of the town will be put into operation and associated with the OSS section of the commune and ward to handle the administrative procedures for the organization and the citizen at level 3. Reducing the time limit for land dossier delays to below 5%. To achieve this goal requires a great deal of responsibility of civil servants and heads of agencies under the People's Committees of communes and wards. The merging of the Agricultural Extension Center, the Plant Protection Station and the Animal Husbandry Station into an integrated technical center to serve the development of agriculture in the direction of high technology and organic agriculture; Strengthening the function of the Industrial Cluster Development Center undertaking the responsibility of managing urban development is urgent requirement for the new development stage of the town.

The fifth is to carry out measures to improve the quality of life; improve the quality of medical examination and treatment, health care for the people; Improve the quality of comprehensive education work, focusing on the education of life skills for students. Developing the College of Economics and Technology and Nguyen Khuyen School to teach foreign languages or specialized schools.

Well settling the social security policy, promptly settling the policies and regimes for the national devotees, strengthening the inspection and supervision of localities in establishing policy dossiers and support for dwelling houses. Operarting the program of sustainable poverty reduction in Dien Ban town in 2017-2020 is a priority focus in allocating resources and directing the implementation.

This year, the 50 th anniversary of the Tet offensive of 1968 and the 55th anniversary of Hoang Hoa - Dien Ban celebrations, Dien Ban will have formal, practical, efficient and thrifty activities.

      The sixth is to deploy synchronously and effectively solutions, measures to prevent attacking and suppress crimes; repel social evils such as gambling, drugs, prostitution; Strictly violating law-breaking acts to continue to reduce criminal offenses and road traffic accidents on all three criteria. To continue implementing the Resolution No. 01/2016 / NQ-HDND on enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the movement to protect the Fatherland's security; To consolidate and build a core force for security and order at the grassroots level in the 2016-2020 period.

Timely settling lawful complaints and denunciations of citizens. To step up the inspection and urge the implementation of the conclusions, proposals and decisions on handling of inspection. Strengthening direct dialogue to thoroughly resolve complicated and prolonged complaints. Promoting the fight against corruption, strictly observe the regulations on declaration and transparency of properties and incomes, verifing and declaring assets of cadres and civil servants according to regulations of the Party and State.

Together with responding generously of the whole people and the effort of implementing and synchronously coordinating all levels, departments and unions, Dien Ban will continue to reach more new achievements in developing Dien Ban construction in 2018.

Translator: Bich Thuy

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