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Concentrating resources on building Dien Ban town (Part 1)
Author: Tran Uc .Posted date: 21/02/2018 .Views: 749 lượt. [Print]
In 2017, the socio-economy Dien Ban town maintained a fairly good growth rate. The total production value in the area is VND 21,400 billion (at 2010 constant prices), reaching approximately the planned target and increasing 11.5% compared to 2016. Industry and services continue to develop with capacity New power plants such as Quang Nam Brewery, Pepsi Factory, some unbaked brick factories and prefabricated concrete components have come into production.

Dien Duong Market, Phong Thuy Market, Thanh Quyt Market and some other markets are ready to put into operation. About agriculture, in November, floods caused significant damage to the people and property of the people. However, food production still reached the annual plan. Up to now, 8 out of 13 communes have maintained and maintained the criteria for new rural communes, 10/13 residential areas have reached new rural residential areas.

Standardization and universalization of education at all levels are maintained and schools are expanded. The health care of people's health has been improved. The movement of building new rural-urban civilization in the town continues to be maintained and achieved encouraging results. Defense security and social security are maintained. Traffic accident occurred in the area decreased. The government machinery at all levels is strengthened.

The socio-economic performance in 2017 - the first year the town self-balanced budget having many bright spots. Although there are still some congestion points at DT 607, DH 7, the inner town road but the land clearance was interested by all the political system. By the end of the year, 431 billion was paid from 80 options with 3,907 households were affected. There were 46 gardens were cleared. As a result, the provincial transport projects, key projects of the town and urban development projects are basically implemented on schedule. Particularly in the field of urban areas, there are 32 investment projects started with a total area of 307 hectares, such as the project of Quang Quang Riverside, Hello Comeback, Thai Duong 2, My Gia, Ngoc Duong, , Block 5 Vinh Dien, Phong Nhi, Ngoc Tam ... contributing to the urban expansion space at east and west.

     In 2 years, the town has exceeded budget revenue (realizing VND 1,420 / 1,072 billion in plan); Particularly, the surpass of the city budget is about 100 billion. This is a good indicator that the economy of the town continues to grow steadily and the continuous growth of the business community and individual business households in the period of economic integration have been getting deeper. On the other hand, expressing the efforts of the Party committee, authorities at all level and especially the tax and finance sectors in the collection practice. Land use fees, capital construction taxes, real estate business taxes, natural resources and environmental fees and taxes, tax collection ... exceeded the assigned plan. Obtaining this surpass revenues has met the demand for investment to expand the socio-economic infrastructure of the town.

In 2017, the town has successfully organized many big events such as the 8 th Congress of Physical Training and Sports; Hosted the celebration of the 415th anniversary of Thanh Chiem Township and received the national monument; Organizing activities to commemorate the 70th anniversary of martyrs' war invalids day in association with the settlement of dossiers and war dead people; The first Pham Phu Thu Award honors students, teachers and students who have achieved high achievement in learning and teaching ... These are cultural events that bring many meaning and the people in and out town responded and highly appreciated.

Ending the year with many endeavors and accomplishments, 2018 continues with firm conviction, the pivotal year of the 2016-2021 five-year plan. Based on the Resolution of the Town Party Committee, the Resolution of the People's Council, in order to complete the plan of the year in steering the management of the town People's Committee has focused on the following solutions:

First of all, adjust the Socio-Economic Development Plan up to 2025 and vision to 2030 in line with the new development stage. Co-ordinate with the whole Sun Group to establish and submit for approval the urban planning along the Vinh Dien river, coupled with the planning of new urban areas of Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc, Phuong An urban, Dien Thang urban area by the way of green development space, serving as a basis for the implementation of economic, cultural and urban development projects.

The Town will have an Urban Infrastructure Development Plan for 5 communes that are expected to be ward by 2020. The western area of Dien Ngoc, Song Dam (Dien Phuong) will be planned and promoted for investment. The infrastructure of the new urban area of Nam Nam Dien Ngoc was kicked off in order to match urban component projects associated with wastewater and waste treatment projects. Continuing investing in the infrastructure of industrial clusters and marketplaces according to the set roadmap; Carry out ground clearance to implement the project of the Northern Quang Nam Sports Center in the form of PPP.

Developing agriculture towards increasing value added and sustainable development. Reviewing and adjusting The project on agricultural restructuring, the program on development of intra-field traffic program, solidifying canals and irrigation of colored land. The project on development of rural and urban transport will be built by internal forces of the town to maintain, upgrade and build new traffic axes on the basis of the rural traffic mechanism in accordance with Decision 19 and 29. Maintain and improve the criteria achieved in new rural construction, complete construction 20 residential new rural model in the local. Investing in outdoor sports equipment at Nguyen Van Troi Park, Dung Si Dien Ngoc park.

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