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Go Noi tourist survey with pilot model in Cam Phu village.
Author: Huyền Chi .Posted date: 20/01/2018 .Views: 358 lượt. [Print]
People's Committee of Dien Ban town has organized seminars, surveys and consultations with experts and tour operators on Go Noi tourism development with pilot model in Cam Phu village, Dien Phong commune. Dien Phong is a village with a lot of potential for tourism development.

   Representatives from UNESCO, ILO, leaders of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Quang Nam Tourism Association and some tour operators in Da Nang and Hoi An attended the event.


   At the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ha, Vice Chairman of Dien Ban People's Committee, introduced the potential of Dien Phong tourism development and the attraction of Cam Phu village to investors and businesses. The orientation of Dien Ban town in the coming years is to call on enterprises and individuals accociantion with local authorities and people to invest in developing tourist forms. Building Cam Phu village into a tourism village based on the types of services from clean griculture, from flower projects and growing of plants for pharmaceutical purposes, cosmetics, effectively using the land of the village for tourism development.

          Dien Ban Town People's Committee will support investors in promoting the application dossiers, preferential policies and allocating land fund. On the local side, basing on the inherent potentials of the village to allocate land to build community gardens, restorate of handicrafts and bamboo weaving, expand the projects of planting flowers and medicinal herbs of scale. Linking Organic farming projects with agricultural experience services. Local gonverment need to connect with local developing businesses such as Aulacese Woodworking Co., Ltd to have suitable pathways for developing tourism of the commune.

          After the survey, experts, investors, businesses and localities discussed the advantages and potential as well as difficulties in developing the tourism of the village. They provided the ideas, plans and commitment to tourism development in Cam Phu village.

Nguồn tin: Translator: Bich Thuy
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