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Movement of "Cultural Family" Construction in Dien Ban town.
Author: Tran Ha; Transl: Bich Thy .Posted date: 28/09/2017 .Views: 795 lượt. [Print]
Dien Ban is a land of cultural and revolutionary tradition, the birthplace of Vietnamese language in Thanh Chiem. In 1975, the country reunited, Dien Ban people returned to their villages to rebuild the motherland. They also restored ancestral temple that were devastated during the war to worship the ancestral merit according to tradition of Vietnamese village culture.

By 1995, the movement "All people unite to build cultural life in residential areas" was launched by the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, including cultural life construction and cultural family according to The Resolution of the Party, focusing on the Central Resolution No. 5 (VIIIth Term) on "DEVELOPING AN ADVANCED VIETNAMESE CULTURE DEEPLY IMBUED WITH NATIONAL IDENTITY" and launching Movement of "Cultural Family" Construction in Dien Ban town. By 2007, the movement to build "Cultural Family" in Quang Nam in general and Dien Ban in particular began to flourish. From here, the model of "Cultural Family" was developed and became one of the contents of competition in the localities in the movement "All people unite to build cultural life in residential areas" "All people unite to build new rural, urban civilization."
Based on the Decision No. 3405/2007 / QD-UBND dated 26/10/2007 and the Decision No. 1637/2015 / QD-UBND dated 08/05/2015 of Quang Nam People's Committee. Every year, Town Party Committee, Town People's Council put criterias for building cultural life into the Resolution. The Steering Committee of the movement “All people unite to build cultural life”in the town is regularly strengthened and upgraded to perform the function of inspecting and supervising criterias for building cultural life, including the movement of building Culture Family.

The People's Committee and the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee always issue documents guiding the implementation of the movement "building the culture". Since then the movement to build "cultural" has developed strongly in both quantity and quality. This contributes greatly to the building of cultural families, villages, cultural streets, new rural cultural communes and urban civilized wards and this also promotes socio-economic development and national defense and security in Dien Ban town.
Currently Dien Ban has 66 families with  887 Family temples. In Dien Ban Family's activities are growing more and more. That keeps the traditional culture of Vietnam, and positively impact on the movement "All people unite to build the community" . Traditional activities such as gratituding for ancestral merit, wishing all the peace prosperity.Thanh Minh festival, Autumn fesstival and traditional New Year have been organizated. Most of the tribes have built their family tree (family annals) of generations, thereby educating the descendants about the tradition of the family associating with the national cultural identity. The restoration of Family temples are interested by families. Family temples are more and more clean spacious. Families  plant commemorative trees (doctor's tree, master's tree.... in order to educate the traditions for descendants.
Families advocate descendants to develop economic, sustainable poverty reduction, step by step raising of life. They have many good ways to help their offspring in economic development, improve their livelihoods by helping them to do business, borrow money ... along with the policy of restructuring the crop plants, pets, economic restructuring of the locality to jointly develop the economy, stabilize the life.
Up to now, there are many Famlies in the town are no longer poor households. Many  tribe groups have helped their offspring in various ways in order to help the poorest households geting out of poverty, such as housing construction, capital support, business strategies and mutual helping in natural disasters. Typically, Pham - Tran Ngoc in Dien Quang donates 15 cows to poor descendants; Families of Tran Huu Phu Tay - Dien Quang donated 11 breeding cows. In 2010, Le Van - Dong Ho - Dien Hoa had 15 poor households. Through the support of Family and the community, so far only two poor households. Tribe groups have helped each other in many different ways to contribute to the good implementation of the program "Sustainable poverty reduction" with the spirit of "a difficult person will been cared by whole family".
To promote Vietnamese cultural traditions, tribe groups in Dien Ban have mobilized descendants of the family to well build cultural life in residential areas, in each family, and they educate the traditional ethics, personality, cultural behavior for each member of the clan. Many tribe groups have mobilized their descendants to carry out well civilized culture life according to the Party's policies and State regulations, well implement patriotic emulation movements, campaigns. They mobilize their children and grandchildren to carry out civilized behavior in order to contribute to the building of cultural and families, cultural residential quarter, new rural cultural communes and urban civilized wards in association with the elaboration of conventions of Suitable tribes in the cultural development of each family, each locality ...
Developing cutural family, caring for the development of human resources, encouraging the descendants of each family to promote the spirit of study, personality education, talent is always concerned. Every year, most family groups mobilizate the study encouragement fund and organizate awards for pupils and students in order to motivate talented people. Up to now, the study encouragement fund in the tribe groups is: VND11 billion 976 million.
In the next time: 80% or more of familys have tribe regulation, of which 25% of the tribes reaching culture family in two consecutive years. There are 85% of households in the family or more have the title "Family culture", 60% of households or more to achieve the title of "family learning", 40% of households in the family or more meet the criteria of "tribe learning". Continuing propaganda on the roles of the clans in the implementation of the movement "All people unite to build new countryside, urban civilization" and Decision No. 1637/2015 / QD-UBND dated 08/5 / 2015 by the People's Committee of Quang Nam Province on the recognition of cultural ethnicity associated with the regulations of the Family contributing to improving the quality of tribe culture building associated with the construction of cultural families,  new rural culturecommunes, civilized urban ward.
Families complete the construction of family temple restoration, genealogy, family map, tribe regulation suitable for each development stage contributing to improve the quality of cultural culture. At the same time actively mobilize members of each clan to carry out economic development, helping each other to reduce poverty sustainably, well implement the promotion of education promotion, humanitarian charity, honoring the elderly people and typical people, well implement civilized lifestyle in weddings, funeral, festivals, campaigns, models in residential areas .... This  contribute to socio-economic development, security and defense in each locality. Each family, each family line increasingly wealthy civilization.
At the summation meeting of 10 years implementing the movement "building culture" in the period 2007 - 2017, the People's Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front of Vietnam has commended and rewarded 07 collectives and 50 typical fmilies that had achievement in building culture.

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