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Improving the quality of movement: "All people unite to build cultural life
Author: Tran Van Thu; Transl: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 25/09/2017 .Views: 530 lượt. [Print]
Building the cultural life is one of the great policy of our Party and State. It is also a strategic issue for building an advanced Vietnamese culture deeply imbued with national identity. Resolution of the fifth plenum, XIth Congress "Building and developing culture, Vietnamese in response to the requirements of sustainable development of the country" states that culture is both a target and a driving force for socio-economic development.

In the past time, Building cultural life in Dien Ban was responded enthusiastically by Party, Government, Front and Units. The movement "All people unite to build cultural life" associated with the construction of new rural and civilized urban in the town has continued to go in depth, increasingly expanded and enhanced. All levels and sectors have integrated contents, movements, campaigns and coordination of the Fatherland Front member organizations in the residential areas through a variety of creative diverse activities with different models suitable for each locality.

Cultural institution system including Cultural house, sports grounds, children's playgrounds ... has been built as the basis for raising the quality of the movement "All people unite to build life Live culture ". In most of the villages, the city block have organized cultural and sports activities. The culture clubs, music clubs, sport clubs    have taken place excitedly and frequently. Residential areas in the town have many specific practical movements and models such as: Solidarity, mutual assistance, helping one another in the community, building a stable economic life; gratitude movement; Crime prevention and social evils; Caring for the development of education and training; Caring for and protecting people's health; The model of bright - green - clean - beautiful residential area,  environmentally self - managed residential area, ensuring traffic order and safety .... have created a change in the sense of community  about the role of culture and attract the participation of the majority of people
Every year, 85-89% of households, 60-65% of villages - blocks of streets, 85-90% of agencies and units and 25- 35% of communes and wards reach cultural standards. By the end of 2016, the whole town has 49,464 / 52,790 households reach cultural families ( 93.7%); 167/182 (91.7%) of villages and blocks reaching cultural standards, 8/13 communes reach the standard of new rural, 02 urban civilized wards. 10 streets have been recognized as civilized street standard. The cultural environment has been gradually improved, cultural institutions have been invested associated with building new rural areas and building civilized cities. Currently, 100% of villages and urban blocks in the town have cultural activity house;  20/20 communes, wards established Sports Culture Center.
In addition to the above-mentioned important results, in practice, the implementation of the movement "All people unite to build cultural life" in the town still reveals some limitations that need to be overcome in next time. The leadership and direction of the Party committees and authorities, the mobilization of the Front and organizations have not gone into depth, lacked of sustainability of the movement. The civilized lifestyle in weddings, funerals and festivals in some localities is not serious in performing, especially funerals, worshiping, burning votive paper are still wasteful, expensive, even causing modifications, lossing beauty in the public...  Investing in resources for culture is still limited and that is not commensurate with the socio-economic development. Culture and sport activities are also unsustainable. The planning and training of cultural staffs are inadequate...
To maintain and improve the quality of the movement "All people unite to build cultural life" in the spirit of Directive No. 12-CT / TU of Quang Nam provincial Party Committee and the campaign "All people unite to build new rural and civilized urban", all sectors and levels should focus on the following issues:
- Party committees, Government and Vietnam Fatherland Front  at all levels should further strengthen the leadership and direction of this movement in new period. Heads of agencies or units have to direct and organize to implement this movement in their localities. It is necessary to linked closely the contents of this movement with the task of socio-economic development, national defense and security, with the national target program on building new rural areas and sustainable poverty reduction, building civilized urban. Further promote the effectiveness of the content of this movement in social life, promote the ethical standards of traditional family, preserve the beauty of the family and community, uphold the spirit of helping each other in their village... contributing to build a healthy culture, promoting sustainable economic development.
- Continue well implementing Resolution No. 33-NQ / TW dated 09/6/2014 of the Central Committee Party XI, Action Program of the Town Party on building and developing culture and people in order to meet the demand of sustainable development of our country; regularly urge, inspect and guide the implementation of the Political Bureau's Directive No. 27-CT / TW of January 12, 1998 on the implementation of cultural and civilized lifestyles in weddings, funerals.
- Functional branches advise to review, amend and supplement programs and plans to implement the movement in accordance with the current situation. Needing allocate resources, plannings and schemes for development of cultural and sport activities and timely consolidate The Steering Committees at all levels in a lean, uniform and efficient and practical manner. Based on regulations to develop criteria and criteria for the title of culture appropriate to specific conditions of each agency, department and locality. To attach importance to the amendment and supplementation of conventions as a basis for assessing and recognizing villages and blocks of cultural streets in the substantive direction.
-  Needing to bring into play the role and functions of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee and associations at all levels in coordinating, supervising and criticizing the society on contents relating to the movement. needing to promote dissemination, coordination and unity of action with socio-political organizations to implement Project No 04 / MT-MTTW-BBT dated 28/12/2015 of the Standing Committee of the Central  Vietnam Fatherland Front organizes the implementation of the Campaign "All people unite to build new rural and civilized cities" in association with the movement of building "Cultural bloodline". At the same time, actively propagate and mobilize members to promote voluntary awareness and self-awareness of full participation in the contents launched by the Steering Committee at all levels so that the movement " Build cultural life " develops more deeply and sustainably.
The movement "All people unite to build cultural life" is not only a slogan, but has become a great cultural campaign of the Party and the State, supported by the people, and Party committees and authorities. Through the implementation of the movement has contributed to change the face, improve the material life, spiritual culture of the people.
The cultural life in Dien Ban Town has been invested and developed diversely affecting many areas of social life and contributing to promoting grassroots democracy and political stability. Maintaining security, social order and safety  prevents the repelling of social evils ... In the orientation to continue to promote the building of cultural life associated with the campaign " All people unite to build  new rural and civilized urban areas", to develop culture with tourism and culture with socio-economic development, national defense and security ... with effective solutions. With synchronous implementation, believe that the construction of cultural life in Dien Ban town will yield more diversified results, satisfying the demand for enjoyment of culture product of the people to create a sustainable development of Dien Ban.

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