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Town Dien Ban organized the Sports Girls Volleyball Eighth Congress, 2017
Author: Translator: Nguyen Duc Phong .Posted date: 07/03/2017 .Views: 1237 lượt. [Print]
Implementation Plan 138 / KH-PSC dated 10.11.2016 of the Steering Committee of the General Assembly held town sport Eighth Dien Ban, 2017; Plan No. 06 / KH-PSC dated 11/01/2017 on the organization of sport in the agenda of the Congress of Sports Town Eighth Dien Ban, 2017. Women's Union, in collaboration with the Center for VH town Center has organized the women's volleyball at the University Sports Festival Eighth town, in 2017.
Women's volleyball is the sport No. 2 out of 12 events at the Congress of Sports programs towns Eighth Dien Ban, 2017. After four days of competition (25-28 / 2/2017), Girls volleyball League Sports town Congress Eighth Dien Ban, 2017 was a great success. Awards ceremony held on the afternoon of 28/02/2017 Volleyball Centre in the field of Culture, the town.
Girls Volleyball tournament this sport Congress has 20 teams from the communes. The teams were divided into 4 groups, according to the official competition round-robin. After four days of competition, enthusiasm, the drama's match, dedicating the beautiful balls as voyeuristic fans on the field, was successful solutions. In the quarter-finals four teams have better tactics in the semi-final competition that is the Electric Vehicles, Electric Ocean team, team Electricity An, Hoa Electrical team. In turns dramatic semifinal, 2 An and Dien Hoa Dien team won the right to play the finals, teams and team Dien Duong Phuong Dien match with a third.
Organizing Committee has finalized and awarded the Style includes flags and bonuses for the team Dien Hoa; Encouraging Prize including flags and bonuses awarded to the team Dien Duong Ward; Second prize, consisting of three medals, flags and bonuses belong Football team and the team aspect An Dien Phuong; First prize includes cup, flags, medals and bonuses belong to Dien Hoa team.  
In addition, the organizers also awarded individual prizes for the two athletes: athletes and promising young belle belongs Girls Volleyball athlete Tran Thi Yen Nhi Dien location Phong units, the best athlete award belongs Duong Thi Thuan athletes from Dien Hoa units. 

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