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Town People's Committee of Dien Ban held regular meetings on the implementation assessment mission in February, mainly implementation of 3/2017 month
Author: Van Men; Translator: Nguyen Duc Phong .Posted date: 07/03/2017 .Views: 684 lượt. [Print]
3/2 pm, Town People's Committee of Dien Ban held regular meetings on the implementation assessment mission in February, mainly implementation of 3/2017 month. Tran Australia - Deputy Party Secretary, Chairman chaired the meeting town; Nguyen Dat - Vice Chairman of the town, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ha - Vice Chairman attended the meeting town
As reported at the meeting, the industrial production value in the province in February was estimated at 769.84 billion, up 15.1% over the same period. Commercial activity in the province is stable, meet the shopping needs, people's consumption. The situation appeared sporadic pest in rice, leaf blast damage on an area of 4.1 ha, mice damage on 92 ha area. Situation stable development of animal husbandry, diseases to be monitored, controlled .
Regarding the implementation of the new rural program, and Dien Phuong Dien Minh City held a ceremony to announce the commune standards NTM 2016. Business Planning - compensation, support and resettlement, basic construction is resolved timely. The total state budget revenue in the province as of the date 20.2.2017 is achieved 14.741% 144.946 billion estimate and up 28.74% from the same well done ky.To information, propaganda, cultural activities , arts, physical education - sports celebrate the holidays adults. Developing criteria for evaluating cultural honors 2017. Reviewing and preparing the conditions for organizing sport Congress Opening Eighth towns, 2017. Implementation Plan organizes activities in response Quang Nam Heritage Festival sixth 2017. the population communication, primary health care for the people's attention. Regularly maintain strict regime of combat readiness from town to the facility. The security situation political - social order and safety is maintained in the province. Well organized delivery ceremony, received military and completed in 2017 recruiting targets.
The meeting was set the task, working mainly in March 2017 with a focus test, resolve voter opinion before and at the 03 th session, Town Councils XI settlement statement about town People's Committee stipulated time. Prepare content focused and well-organized conditions Congress Opening Ceremony Gymnastics - Sports Town Dien Ban Eighth 2017; organize activities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the re-establishment of Quang Nam ...

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