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Developing Dien Ban Town in the period of self-reliance on the budget
Author: Tran Uc; Translator: Thanh Binh .Posted date: 28/02/2017 .Views: 1577 lượt. [Print]
The achieved results in 2016 - the first year of implementing the Resolution of the Town Party Congress 22th and the five years economic and social planning from 2016 to 2020 in the areas of socio-economic, security - defense of Dien Ban town is quite comprehensive.

Economic and social development is most evident by indicators such as total revenue, total social investment, increased employment and people's income ... Total State budget revenues in the province (only domestic revenue) were up over thousand trillion. With this result, Dien Ban town became the local self-balancing the budget and paying for over 48% of the statutory accounts division. Social investment flows in the province continue to increase significantly. Along with hundreds of billions of investment in highway projects (through the town), provincial roads, town roads; thousands of billion of private capital firms invest in building muscle in the urban neighborhoods Dat Quang Green city, An Phu Quy urban area, No. 4 residential expansion area, No. 6 residential area of Vinh Dien, Han river resort, Blush sea club... Many large factories in industrial parks and clusters in operation for new jobs for 5850 workers. Policy devotees and social security are properly concerned. Per capita income reached 37.5 million poor households in 2016 fell 2.75%.

National target program on new rural development are implemented uniformly, so far there are 13/13 communes completed the target and Dien Ban is the first unit of Quang Nam province is recognized complete the target of new rural building.
Social - cultural field, health education have prospered. Objective national standard schools were elevated at all educational levels. In one year, with the support of the province and with local efforts to build 3 new secondary schools and timely basis into teaching, and remove Nguyen Khuyen high school to Dien Thang commune to ensure a reasonable distribution of high school network in the North of Dien Ban. In 2016, Dien Ban has successfully organized the Congress of Sport in facility, hosted the scientific workshop "Thanh Chiem palace and Vietnamese script" as a prerequisite for recognized national monuments and form new tourist attraction...
In 2017 planning, with the advantage of the North key economic zone of Quang Nam, Dien Ban town are creating condition to attract investment. Many urban residential projects, housing developments continue in Vinh Dien, Dien An, Dien Thang, the East Wards... Cổ cò river dredging project has agreed to implement by the Government; Dynamics of urban projects with ODA, green growth project being promoted. Besides, the province has agreed a number of specific mechanisms for Dien Ban such as supporting the construction of new bridge across Vinh Dien River, increased funding, environment, targeted investment...  2017 is the first year implementing the new law of budge, the operating budget in self-reliance with the mechanism of decentralization of revenue sources, determine the duties expenses and spending limits publicity, transparency, towards the base, and the initiative to create new development dynamic.
Beside the above advantages, Dien Ban town has also faced with many challenges: lacking of urban infrastructure while investment resource has not yet met; the revenue in the field of real estate, royalties, shipping business remains weak; the agriculture restructuring activities are very difficult; the clearance remains problematic due to policy mechanisms are slowly removed; land management, construction order, management of natural resources and minerals are not closely controlled. Garbage collection is not met, the demand for clean water, especially in the Eastern of Dien Ban, are unresolved. Cultural-medical-education institution for the Eastern urban could not guarantee an increase in the mechanical population; the movement to build cultural life, urban civilization is not go into depth; crime, thieft, trafficking and use of illicit drugs increases. The responsibility of some officials in the government agencies has not enhanced, the head of a number of agencies are passive, the complicated administrative procedures, the rate of land records are late.
Before the opportunities and challenges, at all levels and departments need to plan and implement synchronization solutions. Pursuant to the Resolution of the People's Council in self-reliance on the budget, the People’s Committee of Dien Ban town has focused several key solutions as follows:
Nurturing revenues, increased revenues, social resources mobilization are the fundamental, long term solution in order to actively implement the goals of socio-economic, security - defense in planning; Encouraging and creating favorable conditions for enterprises to deploy business investment projects, registration and taxpayer in the local. Right from the beginning of the year, Dien Ban has worked with the real estate enterprises, minerals mining enterprises to determine obligations. Review of public investment projects by the central, provincial managed in order to collecting current construction tax; Attaching the beach planning, controlling mining reserves of mineral resources (mainly sand, gravel) with the resource tax and fee collection; suwrrveying transport business household to establish collector; implementing many measures to collect tax debts, collecting land use debt...
Mobilizeing resources for investment in urban infrastructure in two main ways: with the favorable areas, encouraging local government as an investor in resource mobilization or exploitation of land. These areas affect with clearance or require large capital shall create favorable conditions for enterprises to investors in the form of the Urban development project (under Decree No. 11/2013/ND-CP) or Housing development project (under Decree No. 99/2015/ ND-CP).
Focusing for the clearance is an important task in the short term and long term of the whole political system, the basic measure of investment attraction; continuing to strengthen the organizational structure of the clearance (clearance), in the province and the town, continue to improve clearance mechanism in line with reality, which resolved to ensure land resettlement needs Residential for people. The officials, Party members and people in the spirit of Directive 03 of Quang Nam province Party Committee and Directive No 6 of Dien Ban town Party’s Committee on stepping up the site clearance. The inventory and identify the source of land to ensure publicity, transparency and ethical. The officals and Party members must be exemplary forefront of site clearance work.
Investing from the budget to ensure motivation to spread. Clearance expeditiously to complete construction projects in 2017: DT 607 (4 pack), DT 605, DT 609 projects. This is the transport project connecting Da Nang-Hoi An, connecting East-West corridor in Danang-Quang Ngai highway system. Continue to implement Cổ Cò river dredging project to accelerate tourism projects, urban residential projects. Dien Ban will focus resources for DH 14 (the road and new bridge over Vĩnh Dien river), DH6 road, Vinh Dien - Dien An road center... to motivate attract residential development projects from Vinh Dien to Dien Thang Bac.
Completing infrastructure An Luu Industrial Complex to allocate clean land for the business, complete Viem Dong beach to put into operation; deploying the North Quang Nam Sport Center in the form of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to get a town stadium. Completing the preparation of investment to build a secondary school in central urban areas deserve for school lands Quang Nam...
In agricultural-rural area, there will sum up the concrete canal schemes and rural transport, inland transportation, irrigation soil for reasonable adjustments tied to the resource conditions to boost rapidly agricultural restructuring, attracting investment in agriculture business. Activating enterprise funds for project implementation point of water supply in the spirit of Resolution No. 180 of Quang Nam province for the wards and communes in the axial highway 1A, DT 608, 609; preparing conditions for the private builds incineration factory.
Administrative reforms more strongly, improving the leaders’ responsibility, improve public accountability of civil servants attached to the civil service examination and sizing.
2017, Quang Nam province chooses Dien Ban to deploy the Public Administration in town which belongs to the province. Dien Ban town strengthens the organization, solving administrative procedures for enterprises, land procedures and construction permition... Continueing implementing a quality management system according to Vietnam ISO 9001-2008 standards to all administrative units and offices. Sectors and localities to implement the work program focus of the industry, its locality; including test planning, internal monitoring and superiors to subordinates. Adjusting and supplement the grading points standard.
2017 is the year of 70th anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs day, celebrates 20 years of re-establishment of Quang Nam province, every organization, every individual should have specific practical action to express gratitude for the great sacrifice of the heroic martyrs, war invalids, who have contributed to the country. The budget plan must take appropriate expenses for the cultivation of algae graves of martyrs, upgrading cemeteries as well as additional support for policy families and the persons who deserve well of the country. Celebrating twenty years of re-establishment with specific deeds, practical to avoid boasted and wasted. Based on the revenue, there will be a reasonable adjustment to earlier deployment of schools as well as cultural institutions - to the East of Dien Ban. Early formatiing the Awards and Foundation honors talented people of Dien Ban who get high achievement in learning, teaching to illuminate traditional hospitality homeland.
2017 is also the year which deploys  military maneuvers 5 wards, communes and town level, is also the first year of implementation of the Resolution of Dien Ban People’s Council on "Improving efficiency the movement of people protect the national security; strengthening and building the core force about security in the period 2016-2020 in Dien Ban town ". The Party, the Government, the Fatherland Front are very concern about the resources to implement effectively this Resolution to Dien Ban that develop the society and economy, stable social order and security./.
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