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Dien Ban town - Achievements and development prospects
The Year 2018 had closed and new year, 2019 - Ky Hoi has come with us bringing excitement about achievements and development prospects of Dien Ban homeland.
Hoang Hoa - Dien Ban toward the future
Following the guideline of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, after Thanh Hoa being twinned with Quang Nam, on July 20, 1963, at the Office of the Resistance Committee in Hoang Hoa district, Hoang Hoa and Dien Ban had hold a ceremony.
Breakthrough in new rural building and urban development of Dien Ban Town.
By 2010, Dien Ban has basically become an industrial district. The target set by the Resolution of the XXIth District Party Congress is to build Dien Ban District into a town by 2015, in association with building new rural. This is the mission and responsibility which the Party, the government and the people of Dien Ban have been concentrating on implementing for many years to create an important foundation for Dien Ban to become a comprehensive development town.
Dien Ban - Breakthrough in the construction of education and training facilities meeting renovationial requirements
Dien Ban, which is the gateway to the south of Da Nang city, is located in the north of Quang Nam, on the "heritage road" connecting Hoi An ancient town and My Son sanctuary. Dien Ban is a countryside rich in patriotic traditions, revolutionary and traditional fondness for learning.
The role of people in urban management
Urbanization is a complex process. It brings both positive and negative ones. Urban management activities (good or bad) not only affect (positive or negative) the quality of life, livelihoods, lifestyle of the people in that market but also influence (even decisive) to the trend of urban development, quality of town’s life in the future.
55 years of Dien Ban - Hoang Hoa, Unshakeable friendship, steadial future.
In us, many people have once heard the song "Loi ca dang Bac" of musician Trong Loan "Ai yêu Miền Nam như tấm lòng Miền Bắc, có mối tình nào mà thủy chung mà son sắt như tấm lòng Miền Bắc hướng về Miền Nam. Bao núi bao sông bấy nghĩa bấy tình… ", the lyrics evoke the historical lessons of North - South love. In years of war against the US,our country has many love North - South love. Hoang Hoa - Điện Ban is such love, so today, in this peaceful time, we sit together to celebrate memories with emotion and pride ...
Concentrating resources on building Dien Ban town (Part 2)
Secondly, improving the investment environment to attract enterprises and seeking more measures to increase budget revenues, mobilizing social resources to build infrastructure. Administrative procedures for businesses are basically handled by provincial agencies. In Dien Ban, in order to attract investment, it is necessary to provide sufficient socio-economic information to facilitate the access of enterprises to research projects; making suggestions in planning and investment, quick resolution of land acquisition and land allocation procedures, implementation of site clearance as committed progress; supporting in tax payment, ensuring security and investment friendly business environment...
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